Are Flat Roofs Worth The Money?

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Are Flat Roofs Worth The Money?

Flat roofs have become a status symbol for many homeowners, promising curb appeal, insulation and even cooling for your home. But are flat roofs actually worth it? In a word, yes. 

A flat roof is an excellent choice for a house or other building because it offers many benefits over a sloped roof. It is generally a much better insulator than a sloped roof, meaning that a flat roof helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

It also reduces the amount of energy required to keep your home cool or warm during the two seasons, further helping to reduce your energy costs. Finally, a flat roof is a better snow shedding surface than a sloped roof, which helps to reduce the risk of roof damage in storms.

The Aesthetic Benefits Of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are architectural features which have been used in buildings for hundreds of years and have undergone little change. The roof is basically a continuation of the ceiling and so there are many aesthetic aspects to it.

They are usually installed over the top of an existing roof in order to protect the roof from the sun. It is the most common type of roofing used in residential and commercial buildings.

Are Flat Roofs Costly To Install?

The cost of flat roofs is often a serious consideration for property owners. Many believe that flat roofs are more expensive than their peaked counterparts. Others think that flat roofs are more expensive to install because they require a greater amount of labor. But is this true? 

The cost of a flat roof can vary from as little as £1000 for a small house to £20,000 for a large commercial property. The type of roof you want will determine the price of the job. 

The more complex the design, the more complicated the materials and the more the work will cost. The best roofer will offer a fixed price, which will include everything necessary to complete the work.

What Is A Flat Roof Even Made Of?

A flat roof is a roof that is made of either a single layer of roofing material, or a combination of roofing materials, laid out in one direction and typically covering the entire roof. 

There are two main types of flat roofs: membrane roofs, which are built up of layers of flexible material, and sloping roofing, which is usually made of stone or other heavy material, and is laid out in a sloping direction.

The roof is also reinforced with trusses, which are constructed of steel or wood. The waterproofing membrane is installed over the deck and is made of either bitumen or modified bitumen. 

How Long Will A Flat Roof Last For?

The first flat roofs were built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. They were made of tar and gravel. The flat roofs were very popular at the time, as the roofs were cheap and easy to build. 

However, the cheap materials meant that the roofs were not that durable. But things have changed over the years. The cost of materials has gone down even now, yet the durability of the roofs has improved at the same time too. 

According to the roofing market, a flat roof’s lifespan is about 30 to 40 years. But what do these numbers mean? A roof’s lifespan is defined by the number of years it can withstand weather conditions. This also depends on the type of roofing product as well as the conditions under which it is used. 

This is why you should try to go for a renowned company for the job, as they will ensure only high-quality materials are used by the contractors for the job.